Church Community Builder – CCB

CCB (Community Church Builder) invitations were sent to your email inbox this past week. CCB is a tool that will let you look up contact information, volunteer for church needs, sign up for a group, and see the calendar. We hope you’ll love CCB. Over 150 people have signed in! If you still need to set CCB up, please log in from your invitation email and look around!

Q. I didn’t get an invitation to CCB. What do I do?
A. Email Vanessa ([email protected]) and she can troubleshoot the problem. It’s possible we just don’t have your email in the system yet!

Q. I can’t remember my password. Help!?
A. Email Vanessa to reset it, or to set it to the password you would like. Remember that CCB requires your password to have at least one letter and one number.

Q. I’ve forgotten where to login. What’s the url again?
A. Go to log back in. Bookmark the page or send yourself an email with the link.

Q. I’ve clicked on the Online Directory group, but only see Mike and Vanessa. What am I doing wrong?
A. You must click on the tab furthest to the right that reads “Participants” to see all group members.

Q. I have another question that isn’t listed here! What should I do?
A. Email Vanessa!