You’ve been asking – and we are working on a new Cornerstone Directory! We are in the process of updating our pictures and info about YOU, our lovely members and regular attendees. Please read the instructions and fill in the form below.



  • Want your smiling face in the directory? We need you to submit a new photo! We are updating all photos, and will not be reusing old photos from previous directories. If you don’t provide a picture, just your contact information will be listed. And that would be sad…
  • If you have a family photo that you love (and have the legal rights to use), please attach it in the final form field to the right. Maximum upload size is 8MB. Please include the highest quality photo you have within that limit. We will also be taking photos at B&B Theaters on a few Sunday mornings (dates to be determined.)
  • Each household needs only submit their family photo once. If you have adult children (college age or beyond), they can choose to be in a family photo or be on their own. If you don’t have any contact info updates, YOU’RE DONE! 🙂

Contact Information:

  • “But wait, I do have contact info updates for other family members”, you say? Please fill out another form for them, too. For example: Homer Simpson’s cell phone change gets one complete form and Marge Simpson’s cell phone change gets another. Please do not list more than one name in the “first name” field – one at a time, please. You don’t have to attach a photo again if you already did that.  🙂
  • If you no longer have a home phone, or cell phone, please fill in that field with all 7s. [777-777-7777] 
  • If you have questions, email Vanessa at [email protected] to ask! If you know of anyone who doesn’t have access to email or this webpage, please email Vanessa so we can make arrangements to have their photo in the directory.