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Hurricane Florence Relief

December 31

As Hurricane Florence has begun to make its way to the East Coast, Cornerstone would like you to be aware of a couple of ways you can provide support.


The EPC has launched an emergency relief fund in anticipation of Hurricane Florence’s potentially devastating impact on North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond. Donations to the fund will be sent to EPC churches in areas affected by the storm.

Click here to donate to the EPC online (Choose “Emergency Relief” from the first pulldown menu and “Hurricane Florence Relief (283)” from the second pulldown menu), or make check payable to Evangelical Presbyterian Church and designated “Hurricane Florence Relief.” Checks can be sent to: Evangelical Presbyterian Church5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Suite 510, Orlando, FL 32822.


PastorServe is also raising support for pastors and their families in the path of Hurricane Florence.

“In the aftermath of a natural disaster, the job description of every pastor in the affected region is immediately revised. Pastors became first responders, grief counselors, food and clothing distribution hub coordinators, mission team hosts, insurance adjuster advisors, and the list goes on and on. If aid is not specifically targeted to pastors, it will not reach pastors. Why? Because pastors will be at the front of the line to give help and at the back of the line to receive help. And because pastors are at the back of the line to receive help, PastorServe specifically targets pastors and their families. ”

Click here to donate to PastorServe online, or click here to read the complete article about how PastorServe plans to provide relief and restoration to areas affected by Hurricane Florence.


December 31